Before you get on the horse

Before you get on horse

Those of you who have had it, they know that marvellous feeling. Even perhaps in a dream you are reminded melodic movement, warmth, speed and harmonious play of muscles. I’ve ne’er tried this manner of recreation and doubt whether it’s fun for you? What to wear? How to approach a horse that failed to kick? better sugar or apple? If you are doing not understand the answers to those questions before you start your journey with horses browse our mini-tutorial riding. you wish to grasp everything about driving and regarding however horse equipment you wish. Those of you who have to date only admired the struggles of others, I encourage you to take up the challenge! there is nothing a lot of lovely than the interaction of 2, seemingly different, beings – man and horse; horse and rider. Rider may be anyone, regardless of age and degree of quality. Not directly, however, not the primary day of riding a smooth movement and pleasure. Like most varieties of recreation, it needs time, learning, patience and humility. And like any cooperation between the 2 entities, conjointly requires compliance with variety of rules and most of all – the enthusiasm and willingness to be told – from the trainers and therefore the horses.
Remember before the primary horse ride. Horses are large animals, however the horse is by nature a very light and quite spooky. It’s honest to mention that in man, guardian, longing for a guide and a friend, as a results of his stud nature. Don’t be so within the presence of the horse show fear, only care for the principle of restricted trust – greet each other warmly, whereas watching the horses’ reactions. If the mouth pulls forward, and his ears are aimed in your direction, it means the horse is curious and wants you to know. If the ball ears, attempting to face sideways, and this shows the whites of his eyes, that is, sadly, something that either frightened, or simply does not want company.
Remember, the horse can sense your intentions, both concern and joy of meeting him. It is important that you simply let him feel your positive emotions: approach, pat the horse’s neck, and when you feel confident – let him sniff the within of your hand. Don’t wave your arms, no abrupt movements, do not generate extra noise – placid horse if you scare him, he can kick or bite. I cautiously animal feeding treats while not the information of the owner – horse will be on a diet. And if there aren’t any contraindications, the better they’re going to dry bread, pieces of apple or carrot than a sugar cube. The horses have to very care and it’s really exhausting. The horse isn’t a toy a bit like a dog, and then it is necessary to require care of him, so however about yourself.

Rogelio Mann