How to find the best tack shop

A tack shop is an equestrian supply store where customers (riders) can buy riding equipment, so horse supplies, riding apparel, riding footwear and stable supplies. Whether you are a horse riding enthusiast and just starting your equestrian journey or a professional rider, a tack shop is a place you will visit frequently. When looking for the best tack shop, make sure there is everything you need. Which brands are available in the store? How often are discount actions organized? Keep reading to find out what to look at when choosing your new favorite place with equine supplies and equestrian apparel. […]


How to find perfect riding boots

If you’re looking for a new pair of riding boots, you might be wondering how to choose the perfect ones. Fortunately, there are a variety of options available, which makes it possible to find great riding boots at a price you can afford. Just make sure you purchase a quality pair of riding boots from a trusted retailer. And don’t forget to try on the boots! Here’s how to find the perfect riding boots – keep reading! Jodhpur boots Jodhpur boots are short riding boots used for casual riding and daily chores. In the saddle, they are often worn with […]


The difference between riding breeches and riding tights

When it comes to riding apparel, there is no clear winner in the debate between riding breeches and tights. Both options provide great coverage, each one is comfortable and comes with its own unique advantages. Here are a few points to consider before choosing the perfect pair of riding pants. Tights, breeches and regular pants You may wonder why to buy a pair of riding trousers when you can ride in jeans. Breeches and tights are made from stretchy fabric and offer a snug fit, which cannot be said about regular pants or jeans. Riding trousers have no seams on […]


Horse trimming

Trimmed horse

There are many reasons to trim your horse’s hair. Sometimes it is due to aesthetic reasons, sometimes in order to minimise sweating during physical effort, because in autumn horses have longer hair, called undercoat, which may be too hot for those who train a lot. Due to proper trimming you also shorten the time of warm-up and increase the horse’s organism efficiency. The service may be put out for professionals to do it for you, or you can do it by yourself. It might seem difficult at first, however if you have a good trimmer for horse shaving, a bit […]


Maintenance of leather equestrian accessories

Leather care in equestrianism

If you want your equestrian equipment made of leather to serve you for years, you need to properly take care of it. If you fail to do so with appropriate diligence, it will become damaged too early. Apart from that, neglecter leather elements might irritate your horse’s delicate skin or even pose a threat to his and your safety. Source: First of all, leather equestrian equipment such as saddles should be properly stored. Place for leather elements storing must be dry and warm. If there is too moist in the storage, the leather elements might soak the moisture from air […]


Taking care of horses in the heat

horse drinking water

Horse riding on a warm and sunny day is much more enjoyable than on a cold day. However, we rarely wonder how our horses will deal with the temperatures. It turns out that their organisms do not deal with heat well. These animals prefer cold weather from the hot one. Spending too much time in the sun combined with physical effort may result in serious damage to his health. A very important issue is proper care of the horse during the heat. It is absolutely necessary for each horse on a pasture to have constant access to clean water. It […]


Insect protection for horse

Flies on horse head

In the summer, a huge problem – not only for riders – is the amount of insects. Insects usually appear late in the afternoon and evening, and bother mostly your horses that are not capable of defending themselves. Which is why, especially in the summer time, you should help your horse fight the insects. There are some efficient ways that can help you in this fight and bring your horses relief. Source: First of all, you need to take care of your horse’s hygiene. Dried mud along with sweat consist a very alluring mixture for flies and mosquitos. Which is […]


How we can begin to ride horses?

How to begin horse riding?

Selecting the equestrian center can sometimes spend awake at nighttime, but the most necessary issue is to choose one in which we are able to learn to ride a horse and later be able to continue development. If you are doing not have one friend who may suggest us to a riding school that has applicable equipment like, for instance, saddles, it is best to use the web. Seeking note the space from our place of residence, access, or public transport can take you there, or resort offers lessons for beginners, whether or not it is a toilet, toilet and […]


Before you get on the horse

Before you get on horse

Those of you who have had it, they know that marvellous feeling. Even perhaps in a dream you are reminded melodic movement, warmth, speed and harmonious play of muscles. I’ve ne’er tried this manner of recreation and doubt whether it’s fun for you? What to wear? How to approach a horse that failed to kick? better sugar or apple? If you are doing not understand the answers to those questions before you start your journey with horses browse our mini-tutorial riding. you wish to grasp everything about driving and regarding however horse equipment you wish. Those of you who have […]