The best way of feeding horses

Horse feeding

Proper nutrition of horses is a topic overlooked by many breeders. In fact, it is a very complex and crucial issue to ensure good health and condition of the horse.

It is important to mimic the natural eating habits of horses in the best possible way.

In nature, horses are constantly open, often eating food, but in small portions. It is conditioned by the small capacity of the stomach and the specific shape of the digestive tract. Therefore, when serving food, make sure that the one-time portion is small. Serving too large portions can cause digestive problems and reduce the horse’s physical fitness. Regular feeding time is equally important because irregular feeding leads to irritation of the animal and ultimately to the reduction of its psychophysical fitness. After feeding, make sure that the horse has at least one hour of physical exertion, otherwise the digestion may deteriorate. The high feeding frequency has a good effect on the body’s insulin content and thus on the absorption of sugars. It should also be remembered that in an animal’s diet you should not use too much sugar, because you can quickly induce diabetes in the horse and ulcers of the digestive tract. Watering the horse must take place before feeding, because of the risk of deterioration in digestion and resulting in incomplete use of the nutrients. An important element of horse nutrition is also the quality of feed for horse. First of all, horse feed can not be dusty and can not contain mycotoxins that occur as a result of improper storage. This can significantly reduce the physical fitness of our animal, and even inhibit its growth and lead to many serious diseases. To provide the most varied diet, supplementary feed should be given. For horses used in horse riding, it is worth giving specialist feed that increases the amount of energy for a long or short effort. When buying any type of feed or dietary supplements, it is first of all necessary to pay attention to the source of their origin. Feed should only be bought from certain sources, such as well-known equestrian shops or wholesalers. You can be sure that the feed was stored in the right way, which determines the quality of feed for the buyer, as well as the use of the best quality harmless nutrients in the composition of the feed or supplement.

Avoid sudden changes in the horse’s diet, therefore making the decision to change karma should be done in stages, because too rapid changes in the animal’s diet can lead to deviations in the pH of the digestive tract.

Properly fed horse will have increased immunity of the immune system, will be less susceptible to injuries and most importantly will have a better condition if along with proper feeding will ensure that sufficient movement is ensured.

Rogelio Mann