What pants do men use for horseback riding? Types and cuts of men’s breeches

Man riding in breeches

Men’s breeches are a very characteristic type of pants made for all those, who love horseback riding. Due to their seamless cut, they provide proper comfort and effectively protect the rider from chafing and cuts. Not to wonder then why more and more men choose this exceptionally durable and functional model of pants. What exactly characterizes men’s breeches and why is it worth investing in buying them?

Men’s breeches – professional horseback riding pants

Riders in breeches

People who begun their adventure with horseback riding are perfectly aware of how important it is to properly choose the right riding outfit. Proper clothing not only improves the comfort of riding itself but it also improves adhesion, which in turn minimizes the risk of accidents. One of the most professional types of pants are breeches. This kind of pants stands out with their seamless cuts. Designed in such a way so that they do not have any seams on the inner side of the thighs, they do not squeeze or restrict the rider’s movements while riding. It is worth noting that men’s breeches effectively protect the rider from chafing. This type of pants is produced of exceptionally durable material providing optimal breathability. Usually, it is cotton with an admixture of lycra or elastin. You should pay attention to the tight legs of the breeches which are elastic enough to stick to the rider’s legs, not roll up, and not fold while riding.

Types of men’s breeches

Particular models of breeches differ with length and grip type. We differentiate breeches with short (also called knee) grip and full grip. It is an element of breeches that makes it easier for the rider to keep in the saddle. Breeches with short grip are strengthened only around the knees, while breeches with full grip secure also the calves, thighs, and seat. It is said that breeches with full grip are better for beginners, while knee grip breeches are better for more experienced riders. What is more, models with full grips are more often picked by men in dressage, while knee grip is preferred among jumping riders.

Grips in breeches are usually made of cotton, leather, silicone, and suede. These materials are durable, providing safety in the saddle, and they perfectly fit the rider’s body, at the same time being easy to clean. Men’s breeches are also different in cuts. Thus, you could pick from very tight models that stick to the legs all the way down to the ankles, or puffed pants like cavalry breeches.

Men’s breeches – not only functionality

Modern men’s breeches are available in many colors and cuts. Despite the fact that the classic models in soft colors are still most popular, you could easily find white, gray, even denim pants. It is also worth paying attention to the richness of cuts. Many producers offer models with elegantly decorated inserts, contrasting seams or trimming besides the classic breeches.

Breeches are the most basic element of each riders’ clothing. Professional pants not only provide proper comfort but also may significantly improve the safety of riding and protect from chafing. While looking for the right model, you should pay close attention to picking the right size. On the one side, breeches should not squeeze your body but on the other hand, they cannot be too loose. While investing in a pair of high-quality pants, you can be sure that your rides will be much more pleasant and comfortable.

Rogelio Mann