How to find the best tack shop

A tack shop is an equestrian supply store where customers (riders) can buy riding equipment, so horse supplies, riding apparel, riding footwear and stable supplies. Whether you are a horse riding enthusiast and just starting your equestrian journey or a professional rider, a tack shop is a place you will visit frequently. When looking for the best tack shop, make sure there is everything you need. Which brands are available in the store? How often are discount actions organized? Keep reading to find out what to look at when choosing your new favorite place with equine supplies and equestrian apparel.

Top brands

Think about your favourite equestrian brands. Those whose products you absolutely adore and those that are your go-to when it comes to regular shopping. Top brands like Pikeur, Ariat, Kingsland, Samshield, or Horze are beloved by many horse riders. Make sure your new tack shop has products of popular brands in their offer.

Riding apparel

Apart from horse tack, riding apparel is just as crucial in this sport. Helmets and appropriate footwear ensure the rider’s comfort and safety while in the saddle. Make sure the equestrian store of your choice has a wide offer of equestrian clothing: breeches, riding boots, shirts, jackets and gloves.

English and western saddles

While english riders will look for jumping or dressage ones, western riders will appreciate if the shop is equipped with a wide choice of western saddles. In many equestrian stores, you can also find saddles for other disciplines. A wide choice of other accessories and riding gear, such as bridles and saddle pads for the horse, will also be an advantage.

Horse supplies and grooming products

Remember about products that have a positive effect on the horse’s hair and hooves – combs, shampoos, oils and other horse care products. Also horse tack and apparel: blankets, halters and fly sheets that will come in handy for regular training as well as trail riding.


Is it an online store only? If yes, check the shipping policy. What is the minimum purchase required for free shipping? Are there any special offers or discounts? Prices are an important part of shopping as well.

Horse tack shop – summary

A tack shop is a place where riders can buy horse tack (e.g., saddles, halters, horse blankets, bridles), stable supplies and equestrian clothing (e.g., breeches, helmets, riding boots). Depending on the place, horse riders can obtain various equestrian accessories for their animals. Therefore, finding the perfect tack shop is vital for any rider. The wider the store’s offer, the more horse tack you will be able to purchase.

Rogelio Mann