How to buy good breeches?

People in breeches

World spinned at the point of riding fashion. We already invented ladies handbags, boots with spurs, quilted gilets and trousers a la breeches. View of stroller wielding with proud the tote bag adorned with bridle, not having a clue about the origin of their outfit, always put a smile on my face. But truly it does not irritates me at all, because I finally there is no circumstances , while paying at the checkout in equestrian breeches and knee socks everybody look at you like on a visitor from another part of the universe and prophylactically stand in the next line.
Nowadays pants looking like breeches are already staff of life and they are worn by almost everyone. There have so similar appearance to those genuine that it is sometimes difficult for me to identify fakes.
Breeches are superb, especially when we own the favourites. By the last 3 years I did not take off them I can say 24/7, till this resulted, that putting on casual pants caused me almost claustrophobic anxiety. In my favourites I was riding as long that the hole made on the knee in size of apple and my husband secretly get rid of them by burning them in oven… I cried as child and finally I bought next pair.
Set of breeches and equestrian boots is I can tell great. If not an excessive concern about my riding boots, I wouldn’t surely take off such combination at all.
However I have to say, that riding in summer in the heat in this set may not be the most enjoyable feelings in the world. Always we might replace boots with Jodhpur boots and knee socks, but this is not for me unfortunately.
I hate ride in knee socks. My dislike is this point high that annoys me when knee socks after the ride are wet and grubby from the horse sweat.
However, I hope that I figured a great solution of this problem. I’m talking about Jodhpurs, but not English one, but these with a minimum wider legs and flexible foot. I have to say that as the element of riding outfit in truth I like it and they look convenient to wear.
And there must be something in it, cause I have already seen a several Polish riders in such training edition I’ll be sure to ask with the nearest occasion. Unfortunately a small popularity of this cut of pants, do not allows for too much choice if we talking about producer and available designs.
But I believe that selected models original breeches are this point interesting that boldly could work as a everyday wear. Why so which looks identical as equestrian breeches, since they can be used, which we already possess.

Rogelio Mann